Since September 2009, I am associate professor in INSA de Rennes, SRC (Systèmes et Réseaux de Communications) department. I give lectures in Signal Processing and Digital Communications. I give also a lecture in cross-layer design for wireless communications in the last engineering year.


Statistical Signal Processing

General random process, stationary process, ergodicity theory, filtering of random process, cyclostationary process.

Deterministic Signal Processing

Basics of signal representation, basis functions, scalar product, sampling theorem, filtering, apodisation windows.

Analog Communications

Amplitude modulation/demodulation, angular modulations (phase and frequency modulations), discriminator, modulation performances, spectrum analyzer.


Digital Signal Processing

Signal sampling theory, signal decimation and interpolation, Z transform and inverse Z transform, finite and infinite impulse response filters: analyzes and design.

Wireless communications

Labworks with etus board: channel coding, QAM modulation, etc.


Cross-layer design for wireless communications

This course focuses on current issues in wireless communication systems. Wireless networks are very particular in the sense that no links between nodes are provided with the network, but links are just an electromagnetic fingerprint at a given time instant. This feature provides a fantastic opportunity to design protocols taking into account the very specific nature of the wireless channel. Relation between PHY, MAC and Network layers are investigated, and cross-layer resource allocation are introduced. This course is based on books, research articles and tries to provide to the students an overview and tools of this active research field.

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Slides of the third part Xlayer_src09_EN_III

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